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Frankies of Raleigh

Frankies of Raleigh

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Frankies of Raleigh is an indoor amusement park that offers a variety of rides and activities for children. The amusement park offers several different attractions, including the Batting Cages, the Indoor Arcade, the Bumper Boats, and the Flight Simulators.

The Chill Lounge

Located in the Raleigh, NC area, Frankies of Raleigh is a sixteen-acre sports and entertainment complex that features three go kart tracks, bumper boats, batting cages, and a laser tag arena. The complex also houses the state’s largest arcade. Among its many other attractions, The Chill Lounge is a sports bar with a plethora of beer, wine and specialty cocktails. It also has an excellent multimedia system, dark wood furnishings, and a cherry bar countertop.

The Chill Lounge is a fun place to grab a drink with friends. The bar features a full service bar and pool tables. It also has a handful of games, including foosball and air hockey. It has a number of flat screen televisions and a state-of-the-art A/V system, too. As if that weren’t enough, the bar has twelve draft beers.

Shaller karts

Located in the heart of Raleigh, the Frankies of Raleigh offers a family-friendly go-kart racing track and more. The park is part of a larger family fun park, Galaxy Fun Park. The go-kart track is a small slice of this larger pie, but it is a hive of fun for the whole family. Among other fun activities, visitors can also enjoy batting cages, bumper cars, minigolf, and more. Several onsite restaurants serve up food that’s as tasty as the rides themselves.

The track features a variety of Shaller karts for each track type. The Shunter kart boasts the biggest safety features of any of the go-karts on the property, and it is easy to see why. The kart is also the best-looking of the lot, with an attractive paint job and a hefty seatbelt strap. The track itself is a concrete surface with tire barriers to keep speedy wheels in line. The Frankies of Raleigh also offers a full-service cafeteria with a bevy of tasty eats.

Laser tag

Located 15 miles south of downtown Raleigh, Frankies of Raleigh is a fun-filled entertainment complex. It features laser tag, batting cages, mini golf, go-karts, outdoor biking, an arcade, and more. It’s open daily, except for Christmas Day, and offers great food, rides, and games for families and kids of all ages. It’s a great place to bring the kids, and there’s even a restaurant serving pizza and wings.

Laser tag is an intense battle of phasers. You’ll be divided into a blue and green team. You’ll shoot laser lights at opponents, and try to earn points. The green team scored 387,450 points and the blue team earned 462,850 points. The blue team was led by Julien Finet, who is extremely skilled at driving large passenger vans. He was able to carry the blue team to victory.

Indoor arcade

Located in Raleigh, Frankies of Raleigh has a variety of fun activities for you and your family to enjoy. You can go kart racing, play video games, and even enjoy a free fall drop ride. You will also find outdoor activities such as a ropes course and a baseball driving range. You can also enjoy food stalls, a restaurant, and even a playground.

In addition to the arcade, you can also play laser tag, miniature golf, or play bumper boats. If you are looking for something more active, you can try one of the three go-kart tracks. You can also enjoy a meal in the cafe, which offers burgers, pizza, and more. You can even buy your own game cards at the arcade. You can play games on Mon-Sun, and there are arcades open on the weekends.

Dining options

Whether you’re looking for a casual meal, a quick snack or something more substantial, Frankies of Raleigh offers a wide variety of options to satisfy your hunger. A quick glance at the menu will show you that the restaurant offers a wide selection of foods including burgers, salads and wings. There is also a full bar and sports bar, so you’re bound to have a good time while enjoying some tasty drinks.

Frankies of Raleigh has an impressive lineup of fun activities, and the largest arcade in the Carolinas. In addition to the usual carnival rides and video games, the park boasts three go kart tracks, laser tag, bumper boats and batting cages. You won’t get bored here, and there’s no admission charge. Guests under 17 must be accompanied by a guardian after 7pm.

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